Two Women Fighting

You heard me right. Have you seen two women fighting on the road in the middle of the day? It’s not the fights you see on social media, nor the silent fights where they don’t talk to each other. I’m talking about real fist fights – I wouldn’t deny the fact that I was scared to death.

Saroj and I took a small break under a tree. There was a seat made out of wood and there was an old man who was minding his own business. We started a conversation with him, the usual things – where we come from, where we are heading and why on earth we are using a bicycle for that. It was a very quiet area with greenery on both sides, not many buildings. We saw a lorry rushing in to a beaten path and the old man said that it was “Toddy day”. It’s a very chill life these folks have over here.

A few minutes later we see a woman walking towards us with a little girl and a man who was carrying a baby. She told us that she’s walking towards the police station. It was very obvious that she was in a hurry. Apparently she had just paid a visit to her ex-husband’s new wife’s home. Now that doesn’t sound right.

Coming from behind we can see a tuk tuk heading towards us. It reminded me of a mad max scene and I didn’t want to stay there. I was insisting to leave right now. I told Saroj, “යමු බං – මෙතන වලියක් වෙන්න යන්නේ” (Let’s go bro! all hell is about to break loose) and that devil smiled and said, “පොඩ්ඩක් හිටපං” (just wait a second). Damn you Saroj.

The tuk came to where we were and out came three women, one the mother, the new wife of the ex-husband and another woman. The latter two grabbed the first woman (who was rushing towards the police station) from both sides and dragged her to the ground. They were pulling her hair and the first woman was scratching their faces and ripping their clothes. I could hear their bras tearing off but I didn’t want to take a peak because these are not the Instagram models we spend our data checking out.

I felt sorry for the little girl who had to see all of this and she was crying begging them to stop hitting her mother. The men who were around, Saroj, the old man, the guy carrying the baby, the tuk driver and I were just staring at it as if it was not our place to interfere. I mean what are we supposed to do when we see two women fighting? The fight came to an end where both parties decided to go to the police station to sort out this matter. I heard one them saying, “පොලිසියට ගිහින් ඉරිච්ච ඇදුම් පෙන්නන්න” (go to the police and show your torn clothes) so that it can be used as evidence.

Later we got to know that the previous wife was given Rs. 10,000 in compensation (after giving her two children) by her ex-husband. I guess this is how divorce cases in the village are settled. Saroj was confused as to why the man chose a woman who looked like an ape over the woman who was relatively better looking. Saroj was cursing me as to why I didn’t record the entire scene.


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