Test Run 3

This was a shortest test run I did – 60 km, but I learned a few valuable lessons. I went on this alone because I wanted to test the bike one last time and ironically I didn’t take the pump with me because I couldn’t find it in the morning and figured I wouldn’t be needing it anyway.

The route starts from Rajagiriya from there you head towards Parliament Grounds and Japan Lanka Friendship road. I love these roads because they are wide and stretch out a long distance. They tend to narrow when you take the shortcut to Hokandara, which is exactly what I did because I wanted to go to Godagama and then reach the High Level Road from there.

Along this road I came across a few cyclists who came to me asking if I had a cycle pump. That was the moment when I realized that I should have taken the pump with me. I could have helped the guy. I continued towards Meepe and then approached Hanwella. This road goes along the Kelani River. Sadly I couldn’t take any pictures along the way but I encourage you try it out because it’s a quiet road on a Sunday morning.

Then came Bomiriya, Kaduwela, SLIIT and I was on my way towards Rajagiriya. Suddenly I realize the behind wheel losing air. Damn it – why did it have to be on a day like this. I should have taken the cycle pump and the patch repairing kit. I kept pumping air from nearby tyre houses but that wasn’t good enough. End of the day I cycled with a flat tyre for 8km and reached home. When you cycle with a flat tyre your speed drops by 70% and it’s bad for the inner tube because it gets shredded at an alarming rate. I didn’t have a choice.

Valuable lesson learned: Do not leave home without the pump and the patch repair kit.  


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