Sigiriya Trip (Day 1)

My colleagues at work were very much aware of my cycling adventures, and to my luck they were cycling enthusiasts too. There was Gayath who has been coming by bike (to work) since day one, Randima and Devin who bought their bikes last year and started cycling to work.  We would look up on Google maps where it would be best to cycle. Cycling to the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka was new and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try it out. The guys didn’t want to cycle back the same way they came and wanted to try the option of loading the bikes onto the train and coming back. If this worked, it meant we had found a really cool way of tour cycling.

Having a refreshing ‘Pain Dodam’ break (It’s a type of orange)

We were all hyped up about it at the beginning but that plan didn’t work out. Too much planning never gets a trip like this is in action. The idea died down after awhile and on the last working day before holidays I asked if they’d want to go and they said yes. However due to the unavoidable BS percentage, that plan also failed but we managed to go on the trip the following week.

We started off in Rajagiriya at 5.15 AM

We started off at 5.15 AM from Rajagiriya. Devin and Randima stayed the night before at Gayath’s place. It was a beautiful day and it didn’t rain. We went through the Baseline road in Borella and crossed the Kelaniya bridge. The morning views were beautiful.

At the start of the journey Gayath encountered a puncture in his rear tyre. No repair places were open at that time and it would take us another two hours if we waited for one. Luckily I had packed my patch repairing kit and it lasted for another 100km of the journey. If I had not brought this with me, Gayath would have gone home.

It’s all fun until you reach the Kandy Road. The road is full of hills and it’s hard when the sun is tormenting you throughout the journey. On the other hand, the beautiful fields of paddy and the view of the mountain is something you will always appreciate.

Taking a break at the Alawwa Bridge (L-R: Gayath, Fadil and Randima)


We were looking for a river where we can have a dip and bathe. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any place along the way. After taking the turn from Warakapola, it was a flat road ahead.

I was determined to find a well on the side of the road to cool myself. It’s always best to keep yourself hydrated.

Taking a bath near a well on the side of the road

The afternoon was unbearable. Devin was so tired he didn’t have the ice cream we bought after having lunch. For lunch, we had a simple meal along with dessert. We decided to wait till the sun was less hot.

At the Apparel factory owned by MAS Holdings in Thulhiriya

When you see the large boulders across the landscape – you know you’re in Kurunegala. I must say it was quite a posh place to be – roads looked similar to that of Majestic City in Colombo.

Boys taking a break in Kurunegala. Anywhere with a place to sit is fine for us (L-R: Gayath, Randima, Devin)

Gayath’s tyre was going low again and this time there was a big hole. He and I did a detour to find a winkle place, otherwise we won’t be able to go any further. We found a decent place done by Gune Aiya in Ibbagamuwa.

What I like about this country is you will always encounter a forest reserve (Badagamuwa Conservation Forest) along any road you take. Sri Lanka is that green! We passed the Omaragolla forest reserve which was shady, quiet and peaceful.

During the last part of the journey, everyone was tired and fed up of the hills. The only motivation was the last few kilometers remaining to our guest house in Melsiripura.

Sigiriya Trip (Day 2)
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