Once in a lifetime

December 2016 – you are at the point in life where you would reflect on how well you spent the whole of 2016, and thinking whether there was anything you could have done differently?

For me University was coming to an end – I was clueless where life would take me next. I didn’t have much grades to pass with a class so I knew I wouldn’t make it to the Academic staff. I wrote down on a book things I would do if I got the chance, and truth be told – cycling around the country with a friend was one of it.

Just because I wrote it down on a book doesn’t mean it came true the next day! I just wrote it down with all the other stuff because I was afraid of what the future, the dawning of the New Year had to offer.  And I never opened it again.

On the 18th of February 2017 I get a message on my phone (while I was at work):

When opportunities knock at your door…

Wow… now that’s a moment where I would look up to the sky and ask, “God? What are the chances of this happening? I want to take it – because I can’t live with the regret of knowing I could have done it”. As a policy whenever I have a tough decision to make – I always go by the rule: which one would hurt me the most if I abandon it?

I was supposed to take part in a Humorous Speech Contest called “Enliven” done by my Gavel Club at its Semis, but I pulled out when I realised the first day of the Cycle Tour fell on the day of the Finals. Looking back, I have no regrets at all. I was always kept telling myself, this was the trip of a lifetime.

Can’t Plan everything
Cycle Baggage Rack