Mr. Saman from Suriyage

I got to know about this place from our cycle repair joint in Rajagiriya – “Anything that we can’t do, Suriyage might be able to do it”, and that’s exactly what they did.

My bike for some odd reason didn’t come with a place to hold the water bottle rack. And this is a big issue for a cyclist because we always have to keep ourselves hydrated. I also needed a baggage rack fit onto my bike because for a cycle tour you need to have your baggage in order. Trust me I went through a lot of places and they all said they can’t fix the water bottle rack.

I came to Suriyage and the person in charge – Mr. Saman, made no issue and took over the challenge of fixing the rack. I also gave my bike to be serviced and he took care of everything. I was worried whether I had to replace the gears and pedals but he assured me that it was not necessary. The reason why I’m taking the time to mention about this is nothing to do with the Bike shop – anyone can get down parts and set up a cycling shop. It was Mr. Saman’s genuine nature that I appreciated as he could have easily sold off most of his equipment to me saying that I needed to replace them or have sold one of his bikes saying that mine wasn’t good enough, but he didn’t do that. He simply accepted the challenge and did the job to the best of his abilities.

This bike shop is located in front of the Maradana Commercial Bank, also called the Rider Tower because they import the Rider bike brand. They have almost any part you need, even at low prices so that budget cyclists like us don’t have to worry too much. So one day I left my bike to be repaired before heading to work by chaining it to their entrance and then gave the key to the owner of the gym upstairs. Mr. Saman would later collect the key and attend to my bike. That’s how easy it is to work with him.

During my nine day tour I didn’t experience any difficulty with my bike except for the occasional tire puncture which was inevitable. You can’t put a price on good service – so the least I could do was get him a gift for the New Year. Thank you Mr. Saman from Suriyage Bikes!

Mr. Saman and myself
Day Zero
My bike