Day Zero

The day before the tour – this is the day where all the possible bullshit can happen. The night before this day I spent the entire night trying to patch my flat tire.

After patching a new tube I still couldn’t pump air to it. After giving it to the winkle I realized the new one had got damaged while I was trying to put it back into the tire. I mean who knew such a thing could happen?

I did most of my last minute shopping on this day – got a new data sim for my phone. I took two phones with me, one to navigate and the other to take pics ?I wanted to record my cycling on Strava.

Luckily I got to leave the office for something work related and I made use of that time to go to Pettah and Maradana. Pettah has cheap tools and electronic items to buy, Maradana has cycling equipment so I bought two extra tubes from here.

While I was heading back to office I get a message from an old school friend, informing me that his mother had passed away from cancer. I had to be there for him today because it was my last day in Colombo. At the funeral I met my friends and had to tell them about my tour because I had to leave early to pack my bag. It was hard convincing them that I was going to cycle for 200 km to Anuradhapura the next day. Even I wasn’t too sure about myself. What kind of a crazy idiot would do that?

Yes I packed my bag the day before the tour – don’t do this. I told my cycling partner Saroj to come to my place because both of us can leave home together the following day. He himself was at the winkle doing last minute adjustments to his bike and getting it serviced.

I couldn’t sleep because I was so afraid what was about to happen to me the next morning. I haven’t cycled this long before and I can’t do it for nine days. I was not ready for such a thing.

Lessons learnt:

1. Pack your bags early
2. Get your bike serviced before the tour
3. Sleep early, eat healthy

Day 01 - Anuradhapura
Mr. Saman from Suriyage