Day 05 – (Trinco to Batti) Part 1

It was a warm morning, roads were not lit and we set off to Chenkaladi Junction. Cycling through the Trinco harbour was a beautiful sight – you can see the sleeping ships gently tossing to the waves. We were passing the famous Cod Bay and China Bay. It gives you the idea that this is a city of ships. The road had a lot of slopes, and was shaded by trees. During sunrise, you can see the golden sun peeping through the beach. Trinco has beautiful beaches, each has a unique identity and hence the unique name. Marble beach, Coral beach are just to name you a few.

Within Trinco, there’s a fishing town called Kinniya and this a Muslim dominated area. The day we were cycling was like their weekly fish sale, so you can see hundreds of motorbikes, lorries gathered to load their cargo with fish. Couldn’t find a decent place to have breakfast here so we only had tea. This part of the country has a lot of massive bridges connecting the land since most of these towns are peninsula type places. It would have taken us hours to go around the coast but thanks to these bridges, transportation has increased significantly. I made a friend along the way who was cycling towards Muthur and we had a chat while we were crossing those bridges. I realised when you are the first to start the conversation with a cyclist it is so easy to win his trust.

In the town of Muthur, we had our breakfast and we were planning our next stops. Out of all these days Saroj realised that he needed to be at home for the New Year. Since I’m Muslim, the Sinhala and Tamil New Year isn’t a big deal, but for him I can totally understand. In order for him to do this, he needs to cycle from Kataragama to Colombo in one day. That’s almost 300 km – and I know I can’t do that much. I told him, “Machan I’m not saying that you can’t do this, but technically I can’t and I don’t want to drag you down, so better if you and I cycled separately from Kataragama”. We had two days to think about this, and as for now we decided to focus on the journey at hand.


Day 05 – (Trinco to Batti) Part 2
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